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Episode 1: Flea - The Beginning of Amazing
Episode 2: Meatbeater
Episode 3: 8 Legged Hedgehog
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Episode 5: Unassertive Zombies
Episode 6: Don't Feed the Butterflies
Episode 7: The Guests - Part 1
Episode 8: The Guests - Part 2
Episode 9: Singing Gibbles
Episode 10: Visions of Sugarcane Mist
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Episode 12: Angry Birds
Episode 13: Boxomoxo
Episode 14: Attack of the Werepigs
Episode 15: Jerk Clouds
Episode 16: Shouting Brown Things
Episode 17: My Good Friend Stubbly
Episode 18: If U Die While Listening We Care
Episode 19: Bulky Breakfast-O's
Episodio Veinte: Aniversario de la Edición
Episode 21: The Cusp is Cusping
Episode 22: Bedazzled Origami Hot Dogs
Episode 23: The Wise Brothers of Exploding Wisdom
Episode 24: Toast
Episode 25: Jaw Ripping Hail
Episode 26: Planking
Episode 27: Pizza Hut Commercial - Is It Wrong to Stuff Your Crust?


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Mon. Mar. 28, 2011

Episodio Veinte: Aniversario de la Edición

Episodio Veinte: Aniversario de la Edición

Ulnar nerves are frayed and Bonebrain man might be back in this week’s Is This a Podcast! Listen in wonder as our brains and likely yours as well zoom zoom off to a land wherein they can roam free and have a gladiatorial good time without having to worry about all of its horrible bodily duties. You’d be wise to drink some wheat grass before snogging this episode down your eartube ulnar holes. It is just a suggestion, but it is one I would take seriously.

Mon. Mar. 21, 2011

Episode 19: Bulky Breakfast-O's

Episode 19 Bulky Breakfast-O's

Leave the poopstick at home boys and girls, you won't be needing it for this week's Is This a Podcast! You will definitely need it at other times though, so even if you leave it at home right now you should remember where you left it for when you need it at future poopstick requiring times. Also you might want to label it so as not to confuse it with other household stick devices. This episode also spoils many movies that are decades old, so if there are 40 year old movies that you've been meaning to watch but still haven't then you'll want to be careful. So sit tight, grab a bowl of your favorite horrible cereal, shear the nearest were-sheep and give episode 19 a listen!  

Mon. Mar. 14, 2011

Episode 18: If U Die While Listening We Care

Episode 18: If U Die While Listening We Care

Podcast 18 is an unprecedented rampage of topic list annihilation.  We whip through topics like whipped cream thru whips that are whipping the cream like a mixer or beater or whatever whips regular cream into fluffy whipped cream for putting on desserts and things like that or just eating plain.  This podcast is so jam-packed with topical topicality, you might keel over dead.  But rest assured that if you do, we care that you did.  Do you also care when drive thru people talk to you more than is necessary?  We talk about that for eons.  It's really great.  Yellow watermelon vomit rechewing vitamin gum.  You'd think those might be random words... but they are not!  BAM!  I'm pretty sure that just blew your mind.  Now go listen.

Mon. Mar. 7, 2011

Episode 17: My Good Friend Stubbly

Episode 17: My Good Friend Stubly

We were given some brilliant insight about keys and what locks they don't open and we in turn pass this knowledge along to you, the listener. You're welcome. Are you expecting a child? If so or even if that prospect might be in some future time of yours, or if you even know some people who could have kids, then the information we present to you in this episode on child naming is probably the most sage child naming advice ever given out by two people! Then, as if that were not enough, we further your knowledge of the end of the world.

Link to key ordeal photos

Mon. Feb. 28, 2011

Episode 16: Shouting Brown Things

Episode 16

It can be a difficult thing to distinguish exactly when your taco friend becomes more garbage than friend.  Allow us at Is This a Podcast to guide you through these murky waters.  Did you think we were done lambasting the hand sanitizer epidemic the world currently faces?   THEN YOU WERE WRONG!  Because we aren't done.  We talk about it some more in this podcast.  And it is awesome and controversial.  We also shout brown things.  And blow your mind with the latest and greatest in upcoming time travel technology.  You will wish you could time travel to when this time travel technology is perfected so that you could bring the technology back here to this time and use it.  A lot.  So enjoy the latest installment of Is This a Podcast!!!!

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