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Episode 1: Flea - The Beginning of Amazing
Episode 2: Meatbeater
Episode 3: 8 Legged Hedgehog
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Episode 5: Unassertive Zombies
Episode 6: Don't Feed the Butterflies
Episode 7: The Guests - Part 1
Episode 8: The Guests - Part 2
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Episode 10: Visions of Sugarcane Mist
Episode 11: Fun to Listen to... Better to Chew
Episode 12: Angry Birds
Episode 13: Boxomoxo
Episode 14: Attack of the Werepigs
Episode 15: Jerk Clouds
Episode 16: Shouting Brown Things
Episode 17: My Good Friend Stubbly
Episode 18: If U Die While Listening We Care
Episode 19: Bulky Breakfast-O's
Episodio Veinte: Aniversario de la Edición
Episode 21: The Cusp is Cusping
Episode 22: Bedazzled Origami Hot Dogs
Episode 23: The Wise Brothers of Exploding Wisdom
Episode 24: Toast
Episode 25: Jaw Ripping Hail
Episode 26: Planking
Episode 27: Pizza Hut Commercial - Is It Wrong to Stuff Your Crust?


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Mon. Feb. 21, 2011

Episode 15: Jerk Clouds

Episode 15: Jerk Clouds

The cloud gods were smiling on us this day as we recorded this new and wonderful podcast of joy and wonder. Curious about the suckling habits of many various assorted things?  OF COURSE YOU ARE!?  Ever wonder what sort of god the sun worships?  ONLY ALL THE TIME!  Can't decide what kind of meat to order from JOKEmeats.com?  NEVER FEAR!@#  All this and more is enlightened under the bright glare of the Is This a Podcast spotlight.  You won't just "like" this podcast.  You won't even throw up.  Probably.

Mon. Feb. 14, 2011

Episode 14: Attack of the Werepigs

Get out your pink tights folks!! Your ears will be pummeled with a plethora of comedy holes as you listen to sage advice about losing weight via various assorted powders and where you can find the best brown dinner paste. You will also be fascinated to learn how the Japanese have figured out a solution to the age-old problem of bulky bulkness in your toilet pipes!!@# AlsoyoumightturnintoaWerePig.

Mon. Feb. 7, 2011

Episode 13: Boxomoxo

Unlucky 13? I DON'T THINK SO!  We rock podcast thirteen like nobodies business, railing against the evils of hand sanitizer.  Also our new, foolproof way to improve your most hated movies will blow your mind with its simplistic genius.  A new household item superhero is created from THIN AIR!  It's amazing.  And don't even get me started on our latest successful website... I won't give it away.  You'll have to listen.  Let's just say your meatprayers have been answered.  Enjoy!!

Here are some links to things we discuss in the podcast.
Unicorn Meat
Here is a youtube video that has the father from Toddlers and Tiaras that we discussed.

Wed. Feb. 2, 2011

Check it out, I'm working on our sister site, inventacast.com!

Oh, also we're on Blubrry.com.

Mon. Jan. 31, 2011

Episode 12: Angry Birds

In Podcast 12 we cover everything our listeners want to hear, and by that i mean surly birds and slow appetizers. :\ Seriously though, you have to hear our brilliantly simple solution to long, exasperating waits at restaurants. It's gold. GOLD! WE ARE THE FORT KNOX OF RESTAURANT SOLUTIONS!@@#$@

Also, here is an alternative to the cover choice that we choosed.

Fri. Jan. 28, 2011

Check out our new End of the World Illustration created by Doug.

Mon. Jan. 24, 2011

Episode 11: Fun to Listen to... Better to Chew

In this monumental episode you will learn crucial details regarding the end of the world! This is serious business. What else is there to say? Please don't chew us. Enjoy.

Testing out new logo possibility. Well, I mean to say I am posting it here on our website, right now. That is the extent of the "test". Link to large image


We recently added our Planet of the Apes breakdown email discussion for your enjoyment. You can read that here.

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