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Episode 1: Flea - The Beginning of Amazing
Episode 2: Meatbeater
Episode 3: 8 Legged Hedgehog
Episode 4: Gator Deterrent
Episode 5: Unassertive Zombies
Episode 6: Don't Feed the Butterflies
Episode 7: The Guests - Part 1
Episode 8: The Guests - Part 2
Episode 9: Singing Gibbles
Episode 10: Visions of Sugarcane Mist
Episode 11: Fun to Listen to... Better to Chew
Episode 12: Angry Birds
Episode 13: Boxomoxo
Episode 14: Attack of the Werepigs
Episode 15: Jerk Clouds
Episode 16: Shouting Brown Things
Episode 17: My Good Friend Stubbly
Episode 18: If U Die While Listening We Care
Episode 19: Bulky Breakfast-O's
Episodio Veinte: Aniversario de la EdiciĆ³n
Episode 21: The Cusp is Cusping
Episode 22: Bedazzled Origami Hot Dogs
Episode 23: The Wise Brothers of Exploding Wisdom
Episode 24: Toast
Episode 25: Jaw Ripping Hail
Episode 26: Planking
Episode 27: Pizza Hut Commercial - Is It Wrong to Stuff Your Crust?


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Episode 5: Unassertive Zombies

I can't believe it's been a month since our last podcast release. We really need to get on the ball here. Well, we are on the ball now, and that ball is an amazing new podcast. The content is amazing, though I do apologize in advance for the audio quality, we had some technical difficulties due to the venue. The amazing topics include a Chinese Chicken song update, Ronald Jenkees, animal rights, Resolve, badges update, zombies, police cars, and bunnies. Oh, and I almost forgot, a special thanks to Ramya Prabhu for drawing the really fluffy bunny on our cover art!

Here are some images in reference to things we discussed in the podcast to help you out. Our zombie cartoon is in the cartoon section of our website.

I thought I'd put up a YouTube video of Ronald Jenkees droppin some beats. This is what I would like Doug Douglas to do.

Here is a shot of a BlackBerry Curve if you've never seen one.

Episode 4: Gator Deterrent

Ep 4

Episode 4 is done and in the books! Episode 4 has a vast array of topics covered, including fortune cookies, grocery stores, flossing, TV show beverage acting, airport footwear, badges, zombies, alligators. I believe this is the episode that we discussed separation with animals, as such check out this cartoon.

In this episode we also discussed foursquare.com and here is a friendly link to said website, I guess, in case you can't type that into your web browser yourself.
And here is a link to the Zombie Run game that we also discussed. Of course, currently, you need an Android based phone to play it.

Episode 3: 8 Legged Hedgehog


As the podcast quest continues we discuss topics so vast and mind blowing you should probably stop reading and go listen post haste! Among the items discussed is Chinese chicken, the Scottish games, the real F-word, hair, Muse, and roundabouts.

Here is the hairmac magical floating macaroni.hairmac

Episode 2: Meatbeater

Cheezies Puffs

In this episode we discuss a variety of hot topics including but not limited to the Latin nomenclature of various critters, Sun Chip bags, Cheezies Puffs, super heroes, and meat clothes.

Episode 1: Flea - The Beginning of Amazing


In our first podcast we get our podcasting feet wet by discussing popular cutting edge topics like the FOX network, fleas, chiggers, the Bears, texting, and Texas.

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